My Very Very Private Journey To Get Healthy as F**k.

By Dr. Jimmy Westbrook

At 25, I would lift weights and play basketball for a couple hours, eat a California Burrito and chase it with a six pack of Miller High Life (The champagne of beers), all before lunch. Life was pretty good. Then I blew out my knee and I required two big surgeries just to walk without pain. Weight gain and health problems followed. Soon, my blood pressure was out of control, despite daily medication. Five years later at 30, when my wife and I decided to try to have children, it was not easy for us. My testosterone levels were low for my age (275mg/dl) and my cholesterol was not good either. My hair was falling out at an alarming rate, mostly because of my worsening scalp psoriasis (an autoimmune skin condition). My erections, were nothing to write home about, probably because of my sub-par testosterone and the 3 different blood pressure medications I was taking. To make matters worse, I was about to start medical school.

Nine months into medical school, when our first child was born, I was heavier still, about 35 pounds over my ideal body weight, with a beer belly, and very little muscle.  I was skinny fat. Something had to be done. With the time commitments of being a new dad and medical student, spending 3 hours in the gym every day was not a viable option. Also, I love bacon, so going vegan was out. So I read Tim Ferriss’ book, The 4 Hour Body. It was a great read for me and my newly acquired Dad-bod.  Tim Ferriss coined the term “slow carb diet”, and recommended only working out only a couple times per week. He referred to this as the minimum effective dose of exercise. By religiously following the book’s recommendations, I quickly lost weight and got stronger. So Jimmy, we should just read Tim Ferriss’ book and skip all these memes and dick jokes? Not so fast my friend, my journey wasn’t over, also don’t kid yourself, you love the memes.

My waist was smaller but I still had uncontrolled high blood pressure, skin problems, back pain, knee pain, and poor cholesterol. My doctor had thought that weight loss would solve my blood pressure issues. Now with the weight gone, he chalked my high blood pressure up to stress and genetics and gave me an additional med. The medications made me feel crappy, tired, and unable to concentrate or exercise. He then gave me Adderall, a strong prescription stimulant. The label literally said “methamphetamine salt”. I felt great but I was taking a prescription version of meth! I knew I had to do more than what The 4 Hour Body and my doctor prescribed. Over the next 10 years, in addition to the study and practice of medicine, I researched, studied, and tested ways to improve my health. I’ve read dozens of books, hundreds of studies, and listened to countless hours of lecture on this subject. I also have the first hand experience of treating thousands of patients as a doctor in clinics, hospital wards, and in emergency departments.

After applying what I’ve learned, I continue to be amazed with the results. Today, my cholesterol is exceptional (HDL 76, LDL 75), my skin is clear, my blood pressure is perfect, my testosterone is higher than most men in their 20’s and more than three times higher than mine was 10 years ago, I’m at my goal weight, and I feel great. Also, I got rid of all of medications and supplements, despite only exercising about 2-4 hours per week. Better still, all my labs, my body fat percentage, strength, and energy continue to get better each year as I get older! It’s not just me, but I’ve had similar results in hundreds of people I have treated. How is this possible? I will give you the blueprint. More to come on this. I promise I’m not going to sell you meds, shakes, or my latest sexy yoga square-dancing workout videos. The path to wellness isn’t just about eating right and exercising smarter, although those are two crucial pillars of a health. Admittedly, there is more than one path to getting healthy as f**k. There are also some fundamental laws of wellness that will assuredly destroy our health if not obeyed, and these fundamentals still elude most Americans.

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After experiencing and witnessing such incredible health transformations, I am determined to share the information that I’ve learned with my patients, friends, family, and anyone who sincerely wants better health and who is willing to put up with the penis jokes my writing comes packaged in. Package. If I succeed in helping just one person get healthier, then all of this writing will have been…a huge waste of time. C’mon, only one person? I work hard on this stuff. Screw that. Instead, I endeavor to give tens, or even twenties of people the tools to make informed decisions and to break free from the prison of poor health, obesity, and sub-par erections.  You owe it to yourself to join me on this journey.  If you don’t have any health issues then…Me: cough, cough, bullshit, then you can feel free to forward my site on to anyone you know who needs help.