The Best Wellness Checklist on my blog

Attached is a simple checklist to keep track of your daily and weekly progress.  The last two items are optional because I am fully aware that not everyone has access to a sauna.  Don’t worry. I’m not suggesting that you go two towns over to use the YMCA sauna, just put a line through it, and also start shopping for homes with saunas nearby.  Also, if you don’t or can’t drink, go ahead and line out the glass of red wine too.  No big deal.  Another point of clarification, for the “yoga, weight training, and high intensity cardio”, try to mix up all three into your week, as evenly as possible.  Almost everything else on the list should be completely doable.  You can even edit this checklist if there’s something you want to add like “hug my kids”, “walk the dog”, or “do less blow”.  Here’s a downloadable copy of the  Wellness Checklist.