You Up…?

You up for getting healthier, losing weight, and silently chuckling to yourself while reading? Then you may like my website. I’ve been doing research on health, wellness, and weight loss for a long time. I know what works. If you are checking out my site, it’s likely that you want to improve an area of your health.  Americans keep trying the same things like jogging and low fat starvation diets to get healthy and Americans keep getting fatter, sicker, and less sexually appealing. I am asking you to try something different. Give it three months, it’s a third of an NBA season, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll give you your money back. Except, there is no money. It’s free, so even better. You already know what doesn’t work, it’s what you have been doing. Put your health in my hands and I promise to get you looking, feeling, and looking better than you thought possible. Did I mention “looking” twice? That was a typo.

Back to me. I am an active Dad who’s over 40, raising two daughters while working as a physician with a part-time job trying to fix America’s broken state of health. Despite my hectic schedule, I am feeling and looking better than I have in 15 years. I have lost over 30 pounds, improved all aspects of my well being, and stopped needing medications for my high blood pressure, knee pain, psoriasis, acid reflux, and for occasionally feeling not so fresh, you know, down there.  Your results may differ. Here’s the link to my journey to get healthy as f**k. The changes I recommend are simple, life-saving, but totally free.  This is the link to my bio A Bit About Me…More content is coming to the site soon.  As a disclaimer, if you have been offended by this article or anything you have ever seen on cable television, it’s best you stop reading now, because it’s only going to get worse, and my writing style is not for everyone, specifically you.

The content I put out is about many different aspects of health, but the majority is food-related, but I also cover the important topics of sleep, meditation, fasting, stress management, hormones, medication, and the mind-body connection. As a medical doctor, I believe in modern medicine, but it has its limits. I don’t believe in the food pyramid, Myplate, and the majority of America’s nutritional recommendations. Our society is doing the equivalent of putting diesel in a Prius and then going to the mechanic twice a week with car problems. The solution isn’t a better mechanic or a fancy prescription fuel additive but instead putting the correct gas in your stupid Prius*! To that end, I believe that food is a powerful medicine.  It should nourish the body and soul, and it should be shared with the most important people in our lives.  It shouldn’t be ordered from a clown’s mouth, purchased at a gas station, or worst of all, eaten at The Olive Garden.

My website (and unpublished book) are funny and sometimes ridiculous reads that just happens to contain life-changing new information based on the most up to date nutritional science.  That’s what we call a teaser in the publishing game. I hope you keep reading.  This is the best place to start.  You Should Start Here…

*Full disclosure, I drive a stupid plug-in Prius. She’s called “White Lightning”.