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Derek Zoolander said, “Water is the essence of moisture.”  The 10 keys discussed below are the essence of how to get Healthy as F**k!

These are the most fundamental points.  I have included a lot of links to articles that expand on these topics.  This isn’t the why.  This isn’t the how.  This isn’t the who.  You are the who.  This is the 10,000 foot view of what are the most important things for your health.

1.       Eat lots of fats.  Fats are the best fuel your body can use.  Fats will keep you full, keep your blood sugar low, taste good in your mouth, and help you look and feel your best.  Eat more fats, and then eat some more.  If you want ten good reasons why, click here: Top Ten Reasons to Eat More Fat

2.       Eat lots of vegetables.  They are full of micronutrients, low in calories, and high in fiber.  Vegetables are healthy as F%$#!  Here is why… Top Ten Reasons to eat More Veggies

3.       Don’t eat sugar.  Don’t eat fake sugar, high fructose corn syrup, grains, whole grains, or starches.   These foods create blood sugar spikes, insulin release, inflammation, obesity, and diabetes. For more information on this, here you go.  Cut the BS*!

4.       Take breaks from eating.  Doing a fast every couple of weeks or daily time restricted eating has many health benefits and can help regulate blood sugar, lower cancer risk, and lower inflammation.  This article talks about daily intermittent fasting. The “No Food Diet” or an idiot’s guide for easy fasting.  This discusses how and why to do a longer fast.

5.       Don’t eat processed foods.  These foods are loaded in anti-nutrients, chemicals, and toxic mass-produced grains, sugar, and soy.  My processed foods manifesto is complete. Here it is.

6.       Get sufficient quality sleep.  Good sleep is the secret foundation for great health and without it, all of this other stuff becomes a waste of time.  Prioritize getting amazing sleep and everything else will improve.  Here’s whyAnd here’s how

7.       Stop counting calories, food measuring, and stressing out.  Start buying, cooking, and eating real whole food, and eat until you are satisfied, using these rules as a guide.  Here’s Why Counting Calories is a waste of time.

8.       Exercise regularly but not to lose weight.  Exercise is amazing for your body but don’t try and out-exercise a shitty diet.  Working out is most effective when it’s done using weights and with short periods of intense unpleasant activity. * The Stoops easy, no jogging, workout plan

9.       Start cooking your own food.  If you need recipes, checkout my recipe section or follow me on Pinterest I’m at  It’s OK if you aren’t a great cook at first.  Keep trying.  Here are a couple of my favorites.  More coming soon. Easy Recipes to Get Started

10.    Don’t stress over perfection.  Chronic stress can cause inflammation, weight gain, and degrades our mental health.  Here’s how to manage.  Follow the 80/20 rule that states, what you do 80% of the time is what really counts.  So, have some pizza, tacos, wine, and tequila every now and then.  Here’s your cheat day guide. F*** Moderation. How to overdo it.

*Stop jogging. Consult your doctor before starting an exercise program, but don’t tell him or her about the above rules, as they will likely disagree.


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